Our mission

Revolutionizing Your Trading Journey

We're not just about TradingView "indicators." We are the driving force behind a trading revolution, combining automated visualizations with the strategic application of Smart Money Concepts, as pioneered by Inner Circle Trader.

Our algorithmic-driven approach simplifies complex data, transforming it into actionable trading insights. This empowers your judgement, resulting in smarter decisions and clearer opportunities.

The team

Tools Made By Traders, For Traders

Behind the scenes, Toodegrees is powered by a team of visionary analysts and highly skilled developers. With over a decade of combined experience, our professionals are passionate about delivering cutting-edge solutions to traders like you.

While we specialize in ICT and SMC, our expertise allows us to break down and program anything that we put our minds to.

Have an Idea for a Script?

Time > everything else

Beyond Ordinary Trading Tools

We don't settle for ordinary trading tools. At Toodegrees, we provide Time-saving solutions for analysts, streamlining preparation and real-Time visualizations.

In an era of automation, our goal is to make trading more accessible and intelligent. We veer away from pure automation to empower traders to unlock their full potential, instead of fully relying on autonomous systems.

get in sync with the market

Discover Algorithmic Insights

We are not just creating tools; we are crafting visualizations that enhance your mastery and sharpen your skills as a trader.

Explore our innovative tools and step into the world of algorithmic insights.

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