• The Best Backtesting Software

    FX Replay offers a web-based backtesting tool tailored for traders. Aimed at fostering skill enhancement and confidence, the platform allows traders to meticulously review and analyze their past trades. By harnessing insights from this deep analysis, traders are positioned to make smarter future trading decisions.

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  • F X 4 L I V I N G

    The FX4 Model script wasn't merely created to save David's Time. His idea was to make it free, and more accessible to traders from all around the world. To this day, this model delivers day in and day out.

  • ICT Concepts

    A collaboration born out of a mutual desire to share knowledge with others, resulted in the creation of a free tool for the TraderRoundup community. This tool encompasses some of Kitt's favourite concepts.

  • Daye

    The Daye Quarterly Theory tool encompasses the cyclical Time aspect of the markets. Daye determined that Time is to be divided in Quarters for a correct interpretation of Market Cycles.

  • DexterLab

    Pioneering fractal IPDA Time windows, Dexter's study of Time and price uses "Standard Deviations" to determine the state of delivery. The IPDA Standard Deviations tool helps traders visualize this mechanic in live markets.

  • Trade For Opportunity

    Likeminded Pinescript developer, one of the largest and most influential ICT-based script makers in the industry. A continuous exchange of ideas, and new projects make this collaboration something to keep an eye on.

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